Medical Spanish is a unique advanced Spanish course for future healthcare professionals. This distinctive and intimate course allows students to enhance their medical terminology in Spanish. For these reasons, students are required to have prior exposure to the Spanish language. Possessing basic Spanish communication skills is a must.

Regular Spanish courses emphasize grammar and daily conversational Spanish, but still lack to prepare future health professionals with the specific terminology needed for patient interviews and physical exams. Luckily, the Medical Spanish course offered as part of the Global Medicine program, specifically focuses on providing, not only, the medical terminology but also the cultural competence needed when helping Spanish-speaking patients. The professor also includes explanations of cultural traditions that may influence a patient interview thus enhancing patient care through a better understanding. Therefore students in this course have a great advantage over their future colleagues since Spanish is such a predominate language worldwide.

For instance, the immediate community surrounding USC are mainly Mexicans and Central Americans therefore a densely Spanish speaking population. As the WorldMed motto “act locally, think globally” its crucial to receive the proper education in Medical Spanish to effectively and respectfully help our community. When WorldMed puts on community events, whether it is promotional or awareness based, the Medical Spanish students help in diminishing any language barriers. Allowing us to build a trusting connection with our immediate community in Los Angeles.


  • Los Angeles is amongst the largest Spanish speaking areas in California.
  • The most populated state in the US is CA and Spanish is the state’s second most spoken language.
  • In the United Stated there are about 40 million Spanish native speakers
  • Globally, Spanish is an official language in 20 countries and one dependent entity, totaling approximately 423 million people
  • With the addition of the 40 million native speakers in the US, Spanish speaking people worldwide about 463 million worldwide.


Spanish speaking individuals make up a significant amount of our worldwide population. Therefore the future healthcare professionals, who successfully completed the Medical Spanish course, will be linguistically equipped to help patients locally in LA, domestically in the United States and globally. Aiding in fulfilling their Global Medicine desires.


Source: United States Census Bureau, The World Factbook


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