Join WorldMED in celebrating the Global Goals for Sustainable Development during Global Health Action Week, April 2-8! We will be holding several events that are educational and reach out to the community. Funds raised through this campaign will go towards purchasing food market gift cards for the children and families that attend the LA Healthy Kids Fair.

Tilt Page for Our Fundraiser!

A word from Briana Shipley, our awesome Co-Director of Philanthropy:

“Dear family and friends,

This semester, I have been working on a large event as a member of WorldMED, a student-run organization at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. I am very proud to introduce the “L.A. Healthy Kids Fair,” a community health initiative for LAUSD elementary school students and their families! The fair will be Sunday, April 17th.

While LAUSD is a large school district, we are focusing our efforts on schools in South Central and East LA, regions that have disproportionately less resources and opportunity. These are kids with parents who work 3 jobs, who sometimes don’t have a pencil to take notes with, and who often go to school without breakfast or to bed without dinner. I know it might seem so foreign to many of us, but these kids have so much hope and are the future of our city.

USC has thankfully helped us with much of the expense including providing almost all of the educational materials for the day, but I cannot help but want to give more lasting gifts to these kids. Being able to provide grocery store gift cards, school supplies, and toothbrushes are some of the simple life needs that we feel are priorities.

So please take just a couple of minutes to help us raise money on our Tilt page to make these purchases! Anything at all helps. Life should be about more than just survival, and these kids deserve to live it to the fullest. Thank you!”


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